KS2 Sports Day

Words can’t express how proud I am of my class competing in sports day this morning. Everyone gave their 100%, supported each other and truly showed what it means to be part of a team. Also a big thank you to the parents watching and cheering on not just their own child but others too. Thank you


Top Crucial Crew students from Sir Alexander Fleming

At Crucial Crew, each event participant hands out stickers to students who offer excellent responses to the questions posed to them.

Well done to Morgan and Jayden, who were in separate groups, for earning the most stickers during the event. Well done, lads 👍


Winners at Crucial Crew!

At Crucial Crew, three schools attend and then compete against each other in smaller groups. Points are given for a range of different criteria: listening skills, engagement, behaviour etc.

Out of the ten groups, Alexander Fleming children were split up into groups one, two and three. At the end of the event, Crucial Crew revealed that group three finished in first place which meant that the trophy was coming back to Sir Alexander Fleming after only finishing second last year. Well done to all the children in Mrs Hall and Miss Brown’s group!


Year 6 @ Crucial Crew

On Friday, Year 6 attended Crucial Crew where they learnt a range of life skills and knowledge that will help keep them and others safe in the future. Many agencies were there at the event: Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service, School nurses, Western Power and West Mercia Police to name a few. The sun was shining; the children had fun; and they learnt a great deal!