HTML coding in Year 5

As part of coding week, Year 5 took the first steps in learning to code in HTML to build a website for the school on eSafety. Over the coming weeks they’ll add more content as they learn new code!


Coding in Year 6

Year 6 have been using J2code by @just2easy_com It has been great to see the children’s creativity increase as they work through each lesson. Can’t wait to start LOGO tomorrow! #NationalCodingWeek @codingweek


Time capsules

Year 6 dug up the time capsule this morning and looked back on themselves from their first week in Year 6. There were many gasps as they looked at photographs of themselves; measured their feet and handspans; and read through their letters. They were keen to see if they had grown; to read back on what their goals and aims were for the year and to see if their appearance had changed at all.