Year 6 farewell disco

It’s all ready and waiting for you.

Have a great time year 6.





Mr Williams the magician…

Year 6 were wowed by Mr Williams’ magic skills as he balanced 12 nails on top of 1 nail. Numerous children attempted to solve his challenge but failed miserably. Today was Mr Williams’ last day until September and the year 6 children would like to say thank you to him for all of his jokes and hard work this year.



Gambia morning

Years 5 and 6 were very lucky this morning as Anne and Carole came in to teach us about life in The Gambia.

MASON: I learned that boys love playing football but there are no lining out lines on the edge of the pitch so this would cause confusion.

MOLLIE: I now know that that they don’t have real windows in school because it will get too warm.

Jordan: I learned that to make a fan you can use palm leaves and other fabrics to help you cool down.

Emmanuella: I know that they use corrugated metal on the roof of the nursery school and it was circular shape to keep it cool.

Thank you Anne and Carole for giving up your time.