Mrs North’s class – rapping to the beat

Our first performance of our rap “Who is de girl?”


Loudmouth theatre production – Year 5

During the afternoon, Year 5’s took part in an anti bullying workshop hosted by loudmouth theatre company.

The children watched scenes where Sash was bullied by Jay; Mo telling us about the nasty texts he received and also sent as well as hearing two different stories about bullying on the playground from Mr Robinson the head of Maxwoods and a pupil called Candy. 

They were able to direct Sash on how to behave, they asked questions and gave advice to Mo and informed Mr Robinson that bullying did exist at his school.
Later top tips were given out for staying safe on line.



E Safety with PCSO Karl Jolly

PCSO Karl Jolly from West Mercia Police chatted to Year 5’s today about going on Facebook.  He mentioned that we need to be 13 years to have an account.

He mentioned that in general all pictures posted on Facebook are their property and they can do anything with them. You don’t own them!  

He mentioned that a photo that you put on Facebook could effect your chance of a job as employers do “Google Checks” to find information about you.

He made us aware that when facebook updates it resets  your settings to open!