Year 6: Maths Murder Mystery

In the run up to the KS2 SATs, Year 6 visited Shugborough Hall to take part in a maths murder mystery. It was a great day – albeit a little cold – where children were able to put their maths knowledge to good use and solve the case! Most groups realised that Tom Green was the culprit! Well done to everyone for a great day practising maths! 



WW2 on Morrell Wood Farm

Today Year 5 were evacuee’s from Liverpool.  We arrived with our teddies very homesick and waited for our health checks before we were billeted out to potential families.  Our hair was checked for nits and our hands for any skin disease.  Once we had passed the checks we prepared vegetables for our own delicious soup (Mrs North’s pigs had the peelings) and we made our own butter.  While it was cooking, we looked at the animals and learnt many new things about animals on the farm from Derek.  We even saw a calf that had just been born!  Derek named the calf Alexander!  After working up an appetite we all sat down together and ate lunch.  After lunch, we looked at quantities of food in a ration for one person before singing and dancing the Lambeth Walk.  An amazing day for everyone thanks to Cathy and Linda from the Country Trust and Derek from Morrell Wood Farm.  We ALL thoroughly enjoyed our day.







NSPCC Assembly

In assembly today, visitors from NSPCC gave a talk explaining how speaking out is important to stop ALL types of abuse.  They looked at different types of abuse and who children could talk to.

The children were able to identify “Trusted Adults” as teachers, carers, Childline, grandparents, older sibling, friends, adults, aunties and uncles and parents.

All children were reminded that speaking out is important, but to remember to speak out until something changes.

Amazingly all children already knew about Childline and were able to quote the phone number.  They remembered the 0800 11 11 call was free and was available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Children were reminded that:

Abuse is not ok and it is NEVER a child’s fault.

Finally all children chanted-

I have the right to speak out and stay safe, you have the right to speak out and stay staff, we all have the right to speak out and stay staff.