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Key Strings KS2

A fantastic session with Key Strings – Olympic Musical Marathon

Key Strings introduces children to the string family of the orchestra demonstrating solo and ensemble music from a range of styles, periods, cultures and genres.



Investigating densities of sugared liquids

During the last week of term we finished off our properties of materials topic by investigating the densities of sugared liquids.  This particular experiment was enjoyed by all as it was a drinkable cocktail of juices!  Using pineapple, orange, white grape, red grape juice and coloured water the children layered the liquids. After many attempt at layering the liquids they found out that pineapple juice was the most dense.



Easter Bingo with the residents of Severn Walk

Mrs North’s class hosted an Easter bingo for the residents of Severn Walk and lunchtime staff at the end of term.  It was great to see everyone competing for the line and full house prizes. During the interval everyone enjoyed a refreshing beverage served with fresh cream scones, chocolate covered strawberries and Easter nest cakes. Congratulations to the winners, especially Mrs Barrett who won many times!!  More photo’s can be seen on the home page of the school website.