Last day for Year 6

What an emotional rollercoaster it was!  

Their last day at primary school was very special for this amazing group of children.  Having given out awards and special messages to the staff of the school. It was our turn to surprise them with all staff singing a farewell song, student awards and special videos.

Finally the children went home with a farewell gift after letting go balloons with special messages.

We will truly miss you. xx


One thought on “Last day for Year 6

  1. Hayley Hodgson says:

    Thank you all for making Millie-Anns last week special. I would especially like to thank for all the help & love they gave to Millie even when she was a pain! Mrs North, Mrs Adams who had Millie at the beginning & end! Also Mrs Briscoe & Mrs Rogers for their love & everything they have Millie through the years. Lastly to Mrs McDaniel who if it wasn’t for her Millie would have still struggled. She is going to miss the horse chats with Mrs North. Luckily she will see Mrs McDaniel at riding. Thank you, I’m going to miss you all too very much xxx

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