For our final evening activity of the week we completed the Arthog nightline course, in complete darkness with pillowcases over the children’s heads, they had to hold onto a rope leading them through different obstacles, all the way to the finishing line. A difficult challenge but so much fun.


Town study and rock climbing

Unfortunately, our group leader and instructor Jasper was feeling under the weather today, so Stuart stepped in to lead the group for the day. We went into Barmouth to complete a town study finding out some interesting facts and history about the town. After enjoying lunch on the beach, we set off for the afternoon’s – rock climbing. Following a steep climb by foot, we reached the rock faces, all of the group conquered their fears of heights managing to reach the top. The views were breathtaking.



Forest trail quest and canoeing

Mr Stevens and Mr Graham’s group enjoyed another fun-filled adventure, after breakfast, we headed out into the wilderness with our faces painted as pirates, successfully completing numerous tasks along our treck through the forest, showing some great teamwork skills, Jasper then set up camp for lunch where the children all worked together to make a fire and enjoyed a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate. In the afternoon we went out onto the lake and mastered the art of canoeing, finishing the day off by jumping into the freezing lake.


Oh, I do like to be beside the sea: Arthog, Day 4

On what felt like the coldest day of the week, Mr Gerrie’s group braced the piercing cold weather and took a leisurely stroll across Barmouth Bridge. Along the way, we took in the sights of the snowy mountains and the varied shades of colour emanating from the estuary which seemed to mirror the skyline. Arriving at Barmouth, we walked around the town and located an abandoned prison where we tried to lock Jayden away for petty crimes (getting mud all over his face!). Afterwards, we strolled up a rocky mountain and ate lunch whilst taking in the view. (Co-written with Elisha)