WW2 Evacuees for the day

Mrs North’s class had a fantastic time at the farm being evacuees. On arrival, everyone had their hair checked for nits. A few culprits were separated and the welfare officer was alerted.

It was all hands on deck as the children prepared their own lunch. Jacket potato with homemade butter.

While lunch was cooking, we went for a walk around the farm and fields spotting tracks of a deer and a badger sett.

Ravenous, we sat down to a very sociable lunch leaving just enough time to weigh out rationed ingredients and pay for them using old money.


WW2 Farm visit

IMG_0034Children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Morrells Wood Farm yesterday where they took on the role of being a WW2 evacuee from Liverpool. They experienced what it would have been like to be an evacuee in 1940, moving from a city to the countryside. On arrival, children’s hands were inspected and the hair checked before they got hands on with helping to produce lunch (baked potato, butter and cheese). Whilst lunch was cooking, children toured the farm to understand what type of jobs they may have done to help out their new carers. After lunch, children explored foods that were rationed, what the allowances would have been for a family and how much food would have cost. The day was finished off with some songs from the 1940s!





Free Computing Workshop

Richard Smith, a CEOP ambassador, from Amazing ICT will be in tomorrow (March 26th) to run a workshop after school for 45 minutes. He will be updating parents on the safe use of technology at home as children increase their use of mobile devices, the internet and online gaming. His informative workshop will include important messages and tips on how to keep children safe from topical issues relating to the devices and social media platforms being accessed by children. Refreshments will be on offer and a free raffle to win one of our computer monitors.