Year 6 – Christingle service

A huge thank you to Reverend Linda and her helpers for organising the service at the church. The children loved the singing and making a Christingle. A fantastic way to create visible symbols of the Christian message using oranges.


Arthog: Gorge walk and canoeing

Late post due to technical issues with the camera. We were lucky enough to tackle the toughest and most challenging section of the gorge, starting at the top of the mountain and working our way down, although this was a test of character and will it was so much fun, we started our decent with a slide down the rocks and being fully submerged under water, before working our way through the tricky terrain, this was a real team effort to make it down. We then made our way back to the centre for a change of clothes and a spot of lunch, before heading back out onto lake Jericho for canoeing, firstly learning the correct technique when using the paddles, then onto the water in two canoes attached together in teams of four playing different fun games with a competitive edge, what  great day.